Jupyter Install IRkernel and Python 3 kernel on Windows

R and python3 will be installed in separated environment using Anaconda distribution. Jupyter is already installed in root environment.

Install IRkernel

In Anaconda Command Prompt.

Create r-env a new environment just for «R essentials»

C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> conda create -n r-env

Activate r-env

C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> activate r-env
Activating environment "C:\Users\USER\Anaconda\envs\r-env"...`

Install R

[r-env] C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> conda install -c r r-essentials

Update R env

[r-env] C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> conda update -c r --all

Open an R console

[r-env] C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> R

In an R console

R> install.packages(c('rzmq','repr','IRkernel','IRdisplay'),
             repos = c('http://irkernel.github.io/', getOption('repos')))

Two alternatives to install IRkernel

  1. To install only User
    R> IRkernel::installspec()
    Installed kernelspec R in C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\jupyter\kernels\ir
  2. To install system-wide
    R> IRkernel::installspec(user = FALSE)

Install Python 3 Kernel

In Anaconda Command Prompt

C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> conda create -n py34 python=3.4
C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> activate py34
[py34] C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> conda install notebook ipykernel

Two alternatives to install python3 kernel

  1. To install only User
    [py34] C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> ipython3 kernel install --user
    [InstallNativeKernelSpec] Installed kernelspec python3 in C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\jupyter\kernels\python3
  2. To install system-wide
    [py34] C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> ipython3 kernel install
    Installed kernelspec python3 in C:\ProgramData\jupyter\kernels\python3

Check Available kernels

[py34] C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> deactivate
C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> jupyter kernelspec list
Available kernels:
  python2    C:\Users\USER\Anaconda\lib\site-packages\ipykernel\resources
  ir         C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\jupyter\kernels\ir
  python3    C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\jupyter\kernels\python3

Now on jupyter notebook

C:\Users\USER\Anaconda> jupyter notebook


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